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I am from Aurora, Colorado, born in Germany and raised in the States. I am semi-single as I like to call it and have 2 children of my own and 2 semi-step children. All together 3 boys and 1 girl. I live in a house with my kids and boyfriend, our lizards and two dogs.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Tonight's News (11/7/05)

I saw something tonight on the news that well, honestly it pissed me off. A mother in Colo Springs was arrested on child pornography charges because of her daughters birthday party. The daughter went to Spencers and got some stuff that dealt with the male genitals. She's 16! Hello? I guess there were pics taken where the girls were acting like they were preforming sexual acts. Ok, I am 27 and I have gone to parties where women young and much older than I have done the smae things. Being female and knowing what it is like to be 16, esp. these days, I can admit to doing the same things these girls were doing. The mom lost her job over it because some of the girls told their parents and the parents complained to the school. I am sorry, but I think this is just stupid. Girls will be girls and teens will be teens. This is stuff that teens do, at 14, 15, 16 and so on. Maybe pics shouldnt have been taken, but I mean come on, atleast they weren't actually performing the acts on guys in the pics. I don't know I think it's just kid stuff and I think the mom getting arrested and losing her job was a lil over the top! Ugh, I just had to get this off my mind and my other half is too busy play his games to listen at the moment.


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